Mullah / مُلا

mullahIn a Muslim society, the word Mullah or Molla is generally referred to a Muslim who is educated in Islamic theology. In Christian society, the name of Mullah turns into a priest. In Jewish society, it is called Rabbi. In Hindu society, it is called Swami and in Sikh society, it is called Guru. In Buddhist society, it is called Lama and so on. You name a society, a Mullah type character with a typical indigenous name will sprout up. Whatever, they may get called; theoretically, it is the same person with different names in different societies.

If you meet with any of the above characters you will find more or less the same message, the same rhetoric, the same mindset, the same tactic and the same sentence but in a different tone. They claim themselves to be the best human on the earth and feel proud to follow the best religion in the universe. Other religions are inferior to them except theirs. They claim to have the best answers. If you submit to them, you are an intelligent and a good person however, if you don’t, then you are the worst and an idiot person on the earth who deserves to be slammed.

I personally believe that a Mullah is a Mullah—either Shia or Sunni. They either live in the east or the west, south or north. Or belong to any other religion, they are all the same—photo copy of each other. Some of them are aggressive because the environment supports them while some are defensive because the environment doesn’t support them. The basic mindset and teachings are the same—to praise themselves and to oppose all those who are not like them, very narrow-minded and tunnel vision. Their supreme desire is to rule on the masses on the pretext of religion, nothing else.

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