Mother’s Day

mothers-dayIt was 7am early morning, when I woke up. I picked my mobile which was lying underneath my pillow. I switched it on. It flashed with 11th of May 2014 on the screen. The next moment, I tapped on the Facebook to check the local news. It popped up with full of Mother’s Day posts, messages, songs and videos. I couldn’t believe it. I rubbed my eyes. Scrolled up and down and saw Mother’s Day posts again.

‘Am I watching the old posts?’ I asked myself. No, I wasn’t. I tapped on the twitter account, scrolled up to get the resent tweets than scrolled down slowly to read some posts. It was also filled with the Mother’s Day posts.  I again couldn’t believe my eyes.

I left the bed, took a shower and came downstairs to the kitchen where my wife was preparing the breakfast.

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