Blue Band margarine

blue band

I still remember the day when Blue Band Margarine was introduced to Alamdar Bakery in my home-town of Quetta, Pakistan. The glossy silver packaging and the light blue printing were enough to get my attention, which stood out among all the other butters in the bakery’s refrigerator.

I rushed to the refrigerator, opened the door to check the price but quickly put it back as the price was beyond the reach of my parents’ pocket and I decided to remain stick with Liaquat Makkhan—local cheap butter for breakfast. The owner of the bakery later on recommended me with great zeal to try it; I consoled myself by thinking that he was just trying to improve his sales. 

After few weeks other friends also recommended the margarine but I was only a student. Each passing day the colourful margarine would make me realize of my squint pocket but I couldn’t do anything to improve my financial position.   

One day, a friend of mine who was visiting from Lahore asked me to accompany him on a day trip to the mountains. I agreed but he requested me to bring me nothing except myself. Continue reading