Being Hazara is a Crime in Pakistan

hazara_killing_quettaQuetta is the capital city of Balochistan province in Pakistan. It is sitting on the west of Pakistan close to Afghan border. The population is around 2.8 million.  Pashtoon followed by Hazara, Baloch, Punjabi and other ethnic groups dominates the city. Hazara community is the only minority group in Pakistan who get killed en masse by extreme religious militants especially Leshkar-e-Janghvi.

For the past nearly seven months around 264 Hazaras have so far been brutally murdered and 388 injured in 21 attacks in Quetta City. And for the last 13 years over 1300 Hazaras have so far been viciously slaughtered and around 3500 injured in Quetta City. Yet not a single terrorist involved in the killings of Hazara Shia has been brought to justice. Continue reading

Quetta Bleeds

Sardar-Bahadur-Khan-Women-University-attackSardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University is the only women university in Quetta City which was established in March 2004.  Around 3000 female students are currently studying at the university. Like every other day, students after taking the last class put their pens, notebooks and books in their bags, put smile on their faces, turned their mobiles on to either receive calls or ring to their parents to let them know about their departure from the university, cheering, talking and waving hands to say the last bye of the day to each other and accelerated to the main gate to be the first to get on the bus to go home at earliest possible. Continue reading

A Systematic Conspiracy against Hazaras in Pakistan

MWM leaders addressing a News ConferenceHazara Democratic Party (HDP) seems to have lost from PB2 Quetta-2 seat for Balochistan assembly while Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) seems to have unofficially won. Despite being victorious in bagging Hazara Shia popular vote, HDP has technically lost the PB2 Qta-2 seat in Quetta City, Pakistan. Now let’s analyze the post election scenario as what kind of socio-political scene may Hazara Shia likely face in near future in Pakistan?
Many believe that it is not only the HDP, which has allegedly lost the election from PB2 Quetta-2 but all those who believed in democracy, enlighten education, political integration, social harmony, religious tolerance, pluralism and above all the trust of state on Hazaras being a loyal citizens of Pakistan.   Continue reading

What will elections bring for Hazaras – more death?


It was October 5, 1999 when ex-education minister Sardar Nisar Ali was ambushed by “unknown” terrorists. His driver and personal bodyguard died on the spot, he, however, was fortunate enough to have survived the attack but sustained serious bullet injuries.

This was the first terrorist attempt ever to be made on a prominent Hazara figure in Quetta in a democratic set up, led by the elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Soon after, leading Hazara businessmen including Sardar Saadat Ali, the younger brother of Sardar Nisar Ali started receiving life threatening calls known to be Continue reading

The systematic extermination of Hazaras


On Saturday the 16th of February 2013, a water-tanker reportedly went through an FC Check post situated on Kirani Road Quetta, Pakistan. After nearly 600 meters, the driver took a sharp right turn and entered into a heavily populated Hazara Town and detonated the water-tanker around 5:30pm (Pakistan time). A thick, noxious cloud rose into the air with an immense deafening sound, smashing nearby windowpanes, injuring mostly women. Upon hearing the blast, ghettoized Hazaras rushed to the scene where they unearthed the four markets adjacent to Kirani road along with an English Language Centre and a private school burnt to the Continue reading