shukriaShe was just 9 years old. She didn’t know whether she was a Shia or a Sunni Muslim. She even didn’t know which ethnic group she belonged to. All she knew that she had small sparkling eyes, fair complexion and a small cute nose. She also knew that she was living in Afghanistan but she didn’t know how vulnerable she was being a Hazara Shia girl.

In her native village Dhamordha, Jaghori District, Afghanistan she walked freely. She used to go to her school alone without fear of being stopped. She was studying in year 4. She loved her school and her class teacher. Perhaps she wanted to be a school teacher. She was the second daughter but she always considered herself the eldest child in the family. She didn’t like playing with dolls because it would make her feel younger. And she never wanted that something should make her feel smaller. She wanted to grow fast—faster than a bamboo tree. She seemed to be in a rush to get bigger as soon as possible. Sometimes she would secretly wear her mother’s dress and put her makeup on her tiny cute face but she didn’t know that makeup would rather make her look younger of her age.

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Unknown Killers Unknown Destinations

HazaraTwo customers popped in Fire Brigade Shopping Plaza on Meconogey Road, Quetta City, Pakistan around 4pm on 27th of May 2015. One of them walked to Haji Hussain shop, who was sitting on a small stool in his small shop. On seeing the customer, Haji stood up to receive the customer warmly, but he instead received several warm bullets in his chest. The other customer, in the meantime, went to the next shop, pulled his gun out and pumped multiple bullets into Muhammad Esa’s body. Later on, both killer customers moved to Haji Musa’s shop and shot several bullets in his body. The unknown armed men, after that, calmly managed to drive off to an unknown destination. It was not the first time that the unknown killers escaped to an unknown destination. It was the third time in two days, fourth time in fifteen days and 176 times for the past 14 years.

The main City Police Station is situated a few meters away from the killing scene while the Frontier Corps (FC) check post is literally 15 yards away. But it doesn’t make a difference, when it comes to Hazara killings in Pakistan especially Quetta City.

Haji Hussain died on the spot. Haji Musa succumbed to his injuries in the hospital, while Muhammad Esa is getting medical treatment in the hospital.

On 26th of May 2015 around 6pm, an unknown armed man, reportedly clad in a Police uniform, appeared at Saleem Complex, Jinnah Road, Quetta City and sprayed bullets on four Hazaras who were sitting in a private clinic — waiting for the doctor to get medical treatment. The killer shot killed two Hazara men on the scene and injured two Hazara women. The unknown armed man afterwards managed to escape to an unknown destination.

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Sahar Batool

sahar batoolIt was early morning on 28th  of October 2014. Sahar’s mother was busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen  while her father, Sakhi, was getting himself ready to go to work. He looked at  his motorcycle in the backyard of the home, walked to it, checked the wheels  and cleaned it up with a piece of cloth.
“Can you wake the children up?” his wife shouted  out from the kitchen.
  “OK,” Sakhi said and walked to the children’s room. He slowly pushed the door open  and quietly popped his head through the door. All his daughters were in a deep  sleep. Sahar, his youngest daughter who was seven was laying sleep beside her  elder sisters. He gently knocked the door and called out “wake up children!  Time to get ready for the school now!”  
Anisa, the eldest ten years old daughter  said “OK father,” then rubbing her eyes and nudging Sahar, who was  laying sleep beside her on the floor, said “wake up.” Sahar woke up and asked  “what time is it?” stretching her arms and legs.
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Sorry Latifa, You are a Hazara

She was thrilled since morning because she was going to Kabul City with her husband today for the honeymoon. Her husband, Nauroz had already told her to get all necessary stuff ready by 10pm.

Nearly a month ago, Latifa got married with Nauroz, his village mate. She just 22 years old, a young lady with full of dreams to enjoy the marriage life. It was pleasant morning in Lal-o-Sar Jangal, Ghor Province Afghanistan. She left her bed a bit early to start the day. She knew it was not a routine day. She couldn’t sleep properly as the honeymoon excitement kept her awake nearly all night. She hurriedly prepared breakfast for the family. Her blood was running fast in her veins. She seemed flying today—feeling over the moon. She wanted to finish all house chores as quick as possible and she also wanted to finish packing before the set time.

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Why Hazaras are being killed in Pakistan?

Hazara sit-in protestOnce again Lashkar-e-Janghvi (LeJ) terrorists have managed to kill 28 Hazara pilgrims including women and children injuring over 35 people in Mastung district, some 50km Southwest of Quetta City, Pakistan and the provincial government once again has failed to protect the lives of its citizens.

With respect to Hazara killings, the terrorists always get right information to murder Hazaras en masse outside of their vicinity. If they can’t find Hazaras outside of their surrounding areas, they easily manage to penetrate into Hazara neighbourhood by crossing heavily guarded security check posts to target Hazaras.  

So far, over 100 Hazara Shias have brutally been murdered only in Mastung area but not a single terrorist involved in the killings of Hazaras has been convicted. Only this year 33 Hazaras have so far been killed but not a single person has been captured. Last year, 281 Hazaras were massacred but not a single person was brought to book. Till to date, 1300 plus Hazaras have so far been killed and more than 3500 injured since 1999 but not a single person has been brought to justice. Continue reading