Unknown Killers Unknown Destinations

HazaraTwo customers popped in Fire Brigade Shopping Plaza on Meconogey Road, Quetta City, Pakistan around 4pm on 27th of May 2015. One of them walked to Haji Hussain shop, who was sitting on a small stool in his small shop. On seeing the customer, Haji stood up to receive the customer warmly, but he instead received several warm bullets in his chest. The other customer, in the meantime, went to the next shop, pulled his gun out and pumped multiple bullets into Muhammad Esa’s body. Later on, both killer customers moved to Haji Musa’s shop and shot several bullets in his body. The unknown armed men, after that, calmly managed to drive off to an unknown destination. It was not the first time that the unknown killers escaped to an unknown destination. It was the third time in two days, fourth time in fifteen days and 176 times for the past 14 years.

The main City Police Station is situated a few meters away from the killing scene while the Frontier Corps (FC) check post is literally 15 yards away. But it doesn’t make a difference, when it comes to Hazara killings in Pakistan especially Quetta City.

Haji Hussain died on the spot. Haji Musa succumbed to his injuries in the hospital, while Muhammad Esa is getting medical treatment in the hospital.

On 26th of May 2015 around 6pm, an unknown armed man, reportedly clad in a Police uniform, appeared at Saleem Complex, Jinnah Road, Quetta City and sprayed bullets on four Hazaras who were sitting in a private clinic — waiting for the doctor to get medical treatment. The killer shot killed two Hazara men on the scene and injured two Hazara women. The unknown armed man afterwards managed to escape to an unknown destination.

Earlier that day, around 12pm midday, a customer walked to Anwar Ali’s shop on Shara-e-Iqbal, Quetta City, took his gun out and fired several bullets on Anwar’s body. The unknown armed customer, after that, calmly came out of the shop, kicked-start his bike and rode off to an unknown destination.

Let me give you one more example. Three Hazara young men in their early 20s were ambushed near Qalandar Makan, Kansi Road, Quetta City on 12th of May 2015. Ashraf Ali died instantly, while Safar Ali and Ali Reza succumbed to their injuries at the hospital after couple of days. The unknown killers walked away to an unknown destination.

For the past 14 years, over 1400 Hazaras have so far been systematically killed and 3500 plus injured including women and children in 176 attacks by unknown killers. And not a single Hazara killer has so far been arrested or brought to justice.

The unknown killers, after killing Hazaras, always go to an unknown destinations somewhere in Quetta City but the local Police and Frontier Corps (FC) due to some “unknown reasons” don’t know who the killers are and where their unknown destinations are. However, when it comes to Baloch nationalists, FC easily find them out—even under the mountains from a vast Balochistan province spreading out 347,190 square kilometre area. There is no unknown area or destination for Baloch nationalists but when it comes to Hazara killers, YES, there are some “unknown areas” for them to enjoy.

In Pakistan especially in Quetta City, everybody knows that Leshkar-e-Jangvi militants kill Hazara community for being Shia Muslim. Even they themselves ring up to the local newspapers and claim the responsibility of each Hazara killing incident. Everybody knows who supports and trains Leshkar-e-Jangvi militants. Human rights organizations especially Human Rights Watch, Asian Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International reports are filled with evidence, but the federal government, provincial government, local Police and Frontier Corps unfortunately don’t know who they are and where they live.

In Pakistan, many believe that the local Police and Frontier Corps have the strength and capability to stop Hazara killings in one week by bringing all the killers to justice, but unfortunately they don’t want to do it because they are considered a “national asset”, who help the elite ruling class in designing the interior and exterior policies especially in Indian Kashmir and Afghanistan. And of course countering Baloch nationalists in Balochistan province.

I’ve personally lost hope on the federal government, provincial government, local Police and Frontier Corps in providing protection to my community and bringing Hazara killers to justice. But have I lost hope on United Nations, human rights organizations and international community to help stop Hazara ethnic cleansing in Pakistan? The near future may have the right answer.

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