Politics in Pakistan

imageIn the West, politicians run the political affairs of the country. They exercise political power and demonstrate governance. They make political decisions. They make political strategic visits. They make foreign and home policies. And they are elected by the people. But when we think of Pakistan, this is not what the people of Pakistan see the politicians doing. There’re some other people behind the doors, who make political decisions, make political strategic visits, and make foreign and home policies. Politicians are elected, sorry, selected by the invisible forces and they are accountable to “them” unfortunately.

I know that the military establishment has repeatedly denied of any involvement in the political affairs of Pakistan, but still there are people who believe that they are the real players who hold the real power and the real governance.

Currently, politics is not banned in Pakistan but it depends on the style of the politics which matters most.

If the style is religious, then it regards to be the best choice to play with the money, fame and media coverage especially in Sindh and Balochistan provinces where ‘patriotic forces’ are reported now-a-days to be angry with the political style of the local political parties.

Script politics is another shortcut style of getting extra political room and easy access to money, fame and media coverage in Pakistan.

This style doesn’t need a lot of hard work; all it needs a good memory to memorize the script. If the script is learned by the politicians, then the power and fame will chase them wherever they go. If not, then they must consider themselves out of the politics and power.

There’s another style to stay alive in the political games; that’s to stay in touch with the political agents, I mean the political dealers in Pakistan as they have got strong connections with the invisible forces.

They have weird faces. They are not aliens, but they look different from normal people in terms of their outfits and life style they carry.

No one can avoid their faces unless someone intentionally do, as they are seen everywhere especially at all government offices and events.

They exist in every constituency. They are very prominent faces during election days.

Religious political activists, particularly independent candidates love these faces to be on their side to win the election because they are a symbol of success.

They are very influential people who influence the religious scholars and community elders during election days. They decide what type of representative the local people need. They are the authority, the power, the decision makers and of course the kingmakers.

Whoever they support, the winning is assured to them. They don’t have a difficult criterion to pick the representative for the local community, but a very simple one. All they want is an obedient and submissive person but preferably, driven sheep. They hate intelligent, smart or famous political workers.

They love cartoon type characters that are good at taking dictations and asking permissions for making public opinions. That’s it, not very difficult, is it?

All those politicians who don’t match up to the simple standard won’t be able to find a seat in the parliament house because the seat of the provincial and national assemblies unfortunately goes through the corridors of the invisible forces.

And it’s very important for the politicians to get their opinions checked from the ‘Headquarter’, before they run for the elections. If it gets approved, then the whole political journey goes smoothly. If not, then the politicians must review their views and policies to get accepted.

However, sometimes a few politicians reach in the assembly by public support but the major political parties, sorry the king parties, ignore them in the house until and unless, they join them.

If they join them, then the ruling class will support them to carry out development projects in their constituencies. If they don’t, then the result will be utter failure.

In Britain, British voters will go to the polls after a few weeks.

It’s impossible to predict the election results now, because the voters are divided, which means the political parties will get divided votes and no political pundit knows which political party will rule the Britain in near future.

However, when it comes to Pakistan, it’s always been easy to predict the elections results. How? See! It doesn’t need a very high qualification.

All it needs two good healthy eyes to spot the “important faces” and to see who they support to. That’s it. Whoever they support, they will win the elections.

This is their job to find candidates or parties, whose opinions and policies perfectly match up to the holy book of the invisible forces.

Those who understands this common sense approach, they enjoy politics in Pakistan, while those who don’t, they are out of the politics. Simple, isn’t it?


The article was originally published on the Daily Western Mail Newspaper UK on 13th of April 2015.