Sahar Batool

sahar batoolIt was early morning on 28th  of October 2014. Sahar’s mother was busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen  while her father, Sakhi, was getting himself ready to go to work. He looked at  his motorcycle in the backyard of the home, walked to it, checked the wheels  and cleaned it up with a piece of cloth.
“Can you wake the children up?” his wife shouted  out from the kitchen.
  “OK,” Sakhi said and walked to the children’s room. He slowly pushed the door open  and quietly popped his head through the door. All his daughters were in a deep  sleep. Sahar, his youngest daughter who was seven was laying sleep beside her  elder sisters. He gently knocked the door and called out “wake up children!  Time to get ready for the school now!”  
Anisa, the eldest ten years old daughter  said “OK father,” then rubbing her eyes and nudging Sahar, who was  laying sleep beside her on the floor, said “wake up.” Sahar woke up and asked  “what time is it?” stretching her arms and legs.
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