Sorry Latifa, You are a Hazara

She was thrilled since morning because she was going to Kabul City with her husband today for the honeymoon. Her husband, Nauroz had already told her to get all necessary stuff ready by 10pm.

Nearly a month ago, Latifa got married with Nauroz, his village mate. She just 22 years old, a young lady with full of dreams to enjoy the marriage life. It was pleasant morning in Lal-o-Sar Jangal, Ghor Province Afghanistan. She left her bed a bit early to start the day. She knew it was not a routine day. She couldn’t sleep properly as the honeymoon excitement kept her awake nearly all night. She hurriedly prepared breakfast for the family. Her blood was running fast in her veins. She seemed flying today—feeling over the moon. She wanted to finish all house chores as quick as possible and she also wanted to finish packing before the set time.

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