Mother’s Day

mothers-dayIt was 7am early morning, when I woke up. I picked my mobile which was lying underneath my pillow. I switched it on. It flashed with 11th of May 2014 on the screen. The next moment, I tapped on the Facebook to check the local news. It popped up with full of Mother’s Day posts, messages, songs and videos. I couldn’t believe it. I rubbed my eyes. Scrolled up and down and saw Mother’s Day posts again.

‘Am I watching the old posts?’ I asked myself. No, I wasn’t. I tapped on the twitter account, scrolled up to get the resent tweets than scrolled down slowly to read some posts. It was also filled with the Mother’s Day posts.  I again couldn’t believe my eyes.

I left the bed, took a shower and came downstairs to the kitchen where my wife was preparing the breakfast.

‘Is it Mother’s Day today?’ I asked her.

‘I don’t know, she said ‘why are you asking?’

‘Saw some posts on the Facebook and Twitter accounts’, I replied ‘but how many Mother’s Days are held in a year?’

‘I don’t know,’ she answered and further added that the last Mother’s Day she celebrated was 15th of March 2014.

‘I know but I think this is the third or might be the fourth Mother’s Day celebrations, I’ve been looking on the Facebook for the past five month this year. Just confused don’t know how many Mother’s Days people celebrate in a year.’

‘This one might be an Islamic one’.

‘What about few months before?’ I reminded her.

‘It was the Shia Mother’s Day and this one might be the Sunni Mother’s Day,’ she reacted.

‘No, nearly all posts are from Hazara Shia. I don’t believe it is Sunni Mother’s Day today and …’

‘Then it must be a Pakistani Mother Day,’ she jumped in.

‘No, I don’t believe. Do you know, the Mother’s Day posts are even from Australia and your sister is one of them,’ I added. ‘It is so confusing’.

‘If not Pakistani, then it must be an Afghani or an Iranian Mother’s Day,’ she responded confidently.

‘Now, you are really confusing me. This is a Mother’s Day. It has got nothing to do with the politics, religion or region,’ I stressed.

‘I know, what do you mean, but people celebrate it in their own ways and surroundings.’

‘I’m not going to believe it, whatever you say. Today is Shia Mother’s Day. Tomorrow it will be Sunni Mother’s Day. Do you know how many sects of Islam are? And where it will end?’

‘I don’t know, what do you say but I know what I’m saying,’ she ignored what I was saying. ‘Do you know different countries celebrate Mother’s Day in different months?’ she tried to update me.

‘No, I’m not going to believe it. Please stop confusing me. My mind is hurting now.’

‘O.K, you don’t believe but it is true. It’s a ground reality either you accept it or not,’ she concluded.

‘You engaged me in talking. Now, I don’t know what I have taken for the breakfast. I still feel hungry. Can I have one more egg and a toast, please?’ I requested.

‘Which one, the Shia one or the Sunni one?’ she said laughingly.