Thanks and Appeal to Hazaras all around the world

Hazaragi Alphabet Book Title PageMassive thanks to Mehdi Shaheen,  Omid Bidar, Jawad Sadey Lakoo, Ali Fitrat, Muhammad Reza Wakil, Qadir Nayel, Khadim Rizai, Hasan Reza Changezi, Abbas Changezi and of course John Gulzari and Ishaq Muhammadi who showered  me with thousands of Hazaragi Words, which is fantastic. Without your honest contributions, the Hazagari Alphabet Book for Beginner Class and Hazaragi Dictionary wouldn’t have been possible to think or materialize.

Now, around ten thousand Hazaragi words are with me and I’ve put my heart and soul to produce a Hazagari Alphabet Book for Beginner Class and two dictionaries;

  1. Hazaragi into English
  2. English into Hazaragi

50 percent of “Hazagari Alphabet Book for Beginner Class” have been completed and only 10 percent of “Hazaragi into English Dictionary” have so far been completed. Both projects are time taking and I need friends to help me with the designing of the books especially alphabet book.

I’m trying my best to include all Hazaragi words being used in Hazara Jat in both books BUT I need cooperation of all Hazaras especially those belong to Dai Mirdad, Dai Zingi, Behsud, Malistan and Yakawlang areas.


There are believed to be around ten thousand Hazaras all over the globe on the Facebook. If each Hazara inbox me two Hazaragi words, it will be 20,000 Hazaragi words. Then it would be very easy to make an inclusive Hazaragi Book for beginner Class and Hazaragi Dictionary representing all sections of Hazaras.

My target is 20,000 Hazaragi words, if I get it, then I’ll try my best to produce a comprehensive “Hazaragi into English Dictionary” with the co-operation of Oxford University Press in UK.

Now, you are all requested to kindly inbox me as many Hazaragi words as possible on my website ( through comments, Facebook or Twitter accounts or Email ( or through Hazara Resource Centre’s facebook account.

And please share this post to maximum number of Hazaras on the Facebook so every Hazara get the message.

Thank you very much

4 thoughts on “Thanks and Appeal to Hazaras all around the world

  1. KEB or KAIB is a Hazaragi word, it means to CLOSE the door in a certain way and put a peace of wood behind the door.

    Kawk e Zari or Kabkai Zari is a special kind of bird found in mountains of Hazara Land.

  2. we use the word
    ‘Baramqas’ a lot at home and with close friends, pronounced ‘Ba-ram-qas’. i don’t know if we made it up or if it’s something others also use. But its used almost like the word similar to ‘Zabardast’ or like ‘great’. I just think it would be cool to have more synonyms!

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