Women to Respect Women to Inspire Change

women 1According to the World Bank, the population of the globe is nearly 7 billion and half of them are women. The population of Pakistan is reported to be nearly 180 million and half of them are women. The population of Hazaras are believed to be around half million in Quetta City, Pakistan and half of them are women.

It means that without women the population of the world would be around 3.50 billion, the population of Pakistan 90 million and the population of Hazaras would be roughly 0.25 million in Quetta, Pakistan. Of which 30% are till 18 years old, 60% are from 18-60 years while 10% are above 60 years.

In other words, 150,000 Hazara men are physically ready to actively play their part to build a society. Nearly 75,000 are young enough to play their role while 25,000 have already played their role. And almost the same figure is with the Hazara women in Quetta, Pakistan.

Now a question arises, how many of the 150,000 Hazara men aged 18-60 years are employed or jobless? Or playing their role for the betterment of the society? We don’t know the statistics. However, we can assume that joblessness is on the rise due to ongoing persecution, religious and racial hatred in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan especially Quetta City. 

If we keep ignoring the women in our society, we tend to waste the half of our population, the half of our energy, the half of our light, the half of our mind, the half of our success and the half of our inspiration.

Empowering women always means to empower a family. Empowering a family leads to empower a society. And empowering a society takes us to the next step of a prosperous generation.

We can do all this if we start respecting women—I mean our sisters, daughters, wives and mothers by acknowledging their genuine rights as a human. Let’s be very clear, that respecting doesn’t mean to confine them at home but to make sure they have all the genuine human rights, we want for ourselves being a man—which means never consider them inferior or subservient to men especially at homes. 

If we start from home by encouraging our daughters, sisters and wives for higher studies it will be a step forward to empower a woman, a family, a society and of course the next generation because they are all inter-connected.

It’s also responsibility of the women to stand up for their genuine human rights and take fully part in the decision making especially at homes. And never allow anyone to deprive them of their basic human rights.
In our society, fortunately loads of young females are coming forward in bringing positive change to the typical mindset of our society by stepping into different fields especially aviation, science, technology, teaching, health and politics, which will ultimately bring positive change in the society.

But unfortunately in our society, women themselves are regarded to be the enemy of women. Mothers always prefer their sons. The best food, the best dress and the best school are always for their sons. Daughters are always forced to obey their brothers. The boys are unfortunately made the kings of the homes and daughters while on other hand the subservient of the kings. Mother-in-laws try their best to emotionally exploit their daughter-in-laws. Unfortunately such stereotype womanly behaviour towards women is one of the main obstacles for women themselves to get empowered in our society.

It is understood that women have an inspiring role in the building of a family and a society. But unfortunately due to some cultural and religious reasons women in our society have been made silent, inferior, unintelligent, unworthy and inactive which is causing a great deal of negative effects on the progress of our society.

No man would easily hand genuine rights to woman until and unless women themselves stand up for their basic human rights. If women want share in the decision making in the society, they would have to fully support their daughters and educate them to the maximum level otherwise their sons would exploit someone else daughters. And someone else sons would exploit their daughters. If their daughters are highly educated and skilled, the men would be left with no choice but to respect their daughters. And in the meantime, women would have to teach their sons to respect their sisters and respect other females.

There’s only one way forward for the women to get respect and empowered in the society.  The women would have to get united and support themselves to live a respectable life in the society. If women keep doing amazing performances year-on-year then hopefully they will inspire change.