Mullah / مُلا

mullahIn a Muslim society, the word Mullah or Molla is generally referred to a Muslim who is educated in Islamic theology. In Christian society, the name of Mullah turns into a priest. In Jewish society, it is called Rabbi. In Hindu society, it is called Swami and in Sikh society, it is called Guru. In Buddhist society, it is called Lama and so on. You name a society, a Mullah type character with a typical indigenous name will sprout up. Whatever, they may get called; theoretically, it is the same person with different names in different societies.

If you meet with any of the above characters you will find more or less the same message, the same rhetoric, the same mindset, the same tactic and the same sentence but in a different tone. They claim themselves to be the best human on the earth and feel proud to follow the best religion in the universe. Other religions are inferior to them except theirs. They claim to have the best answers. If you submit to them, you are an intelligent and a good person however, if you don’t, then you are the worst and an idiot person on the earth who deserves to be slammed.

I personally believe that a Mullah is a Mullah—either Shia or Sunni. They either live in the east or the west, south or north. Or belong to any other religion, they are all the same—photo copy of each other. Some of them are aggressive because the environment supports them while some are defensive because the environment doesn’t support them. The basic mindset and teachings are the same—to praise themselves and to oppose all those who are not like them, very narrow-minded and tunnel vision. Their supreme desire is to rule on the masses on the pretext of religion, nothing else.

Before further analyzing, let’s be very clear that the present write-up is about the typical mindset and a usual hypocrite behavior of a Mullah not a religious scholar. I personally do have great respect to a religious scholar but not a fraud Mullah.

But how can we distinguish between a religious scholar and a hypocrite Mullah? I think, it is not very difficult but very easy. The person who teaches or preaches only religion, is called a religious scholar while on other hand the person who talks about politics, involves in elections, asks people to favour his candidates, visits to a particular embassy frequently, supports political policies of a specific country, promote hatred on the religious grounds, is called a typical Mullah.

When we look into our society, we easily get a clear picture of a hypocrite Mullah who is unfortunately available in abundance. A Mullah is generally believed to be a person, who wears a long brown cloak and a turban on the head, keeps bushy beard, wears precious germ stones rings on nearly every finger and carries a long unique rosaries in the right hand to make people feel respectable. But unfortunately it used to be the old image of Mullah, now the face of Mullah has changed and still changing.

If you are an intolerant person, filled with religious hate, can’t stand other religions, despise science, abhor women’s rights, hate hard work but love easy work or shortcuts, likes dollars, fancy latest devices, adore women, enjoy Shorwa-e-Gosht (lamb meat soup), say something else and do something else then my dear you are a perfect Mullah. You don’t need to wear a long cloak, put a turban on the head, keep bushy beard or wear loads of rings with precious gem stone as now-a-days a Mullah can be a clean shaven, a bureaucrat, a cricket player, a doctor, an engineer, a killer, a taxi-driver, a nationalist and even a layman—all it needs to have a narrow typical behavior and a mindset, nothing else.

These days, hypocrisy, dishonesty, confusion and contradiction are the best ingredients for a successful Mullah however; honesty, sincerity, truthfulness and character seem to be the least ingredients for an unsuccessful Mullah. Besides valid wives, success also means to develop illicit relations with other numerous women on the religious excuse. A good bungalow in a decent area with at least three cars including land rovers and bodyguards to frighten the masses is a good sign of a successful Mullah. A considerable number of the facebook friends and followers on the twitter account are considered to be a successful social Mullah.

Unfortunately, our society especially youths are systematically being pushed to Mullai ( مُلائ ) mindset on the guise of religion. It’s good to talk about the chaddar, “veil” but character holds a primary position in our religion, which we regrettably never talk about. I wish all those who talk about chaddar, which holds secondary place in Islam, could also talk about the malicious character of our hypocrite Mullahs, who abuse our religion on daily basis for individual gain, misuses Imambaragah for personal fame, exploits the whole month of Muharram for political interest, revile the trust of Namazis, “pious” for social and financial influence, seduce women on the pretext of Segha (صیغہ), promote religious hatred to invite trouble to our community, disintegrate the community, malign the image of Hazaras, defame the name to Shia community for being an Iranian proxy and so on.

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