A Systematic Bombing on Hazaragi Telefilm ” الفAlif”

aliffA new Hazaragi telefilm “ الفAlif” produced by D-Film and Directed by Muhammad Mehdi Askari   will likely get released on Nauroz Day 21st of March 2014 in Pakistan, Australia, Europe and north America.

Hazaras residing all over the globe from Quetta City, Pakistan to Australia and from Europe to America are anxiously waiting to see the film. The film has not released yet and nearly ten days are left to get released but unfortunately the anti-Hazara elements seem to have rolled up their sleeves to lambast the Hazaragi film. A systematic campaign seems to have been launched on the social media especially Facebook against the film including actors and actresses.  And Hazaras are being pushed to boycott the film—yet to go on the screen.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been noticing that a proper system seems to have now been put in place on the social media to go against any Hazaragi moves, which is a matter of great concern. Some unknown guys sprout up on the surface of social media under fake names/IDs and start abusing all those devoted Hazara intellectuals/individuals who tend to promote Hazaragi culture, language, history, art, music, poetry, politics and image in the society.  

Two minutes promo seems to carry enough message to watch the film at earliest possible. Like everyone, I myself have not seen the film and it will make me feel foolish, if I pass any judgment about the movie. I will share my honest view, once I’ve seen the film.

But the most interesting thing which the promotion of the film has been doing is getting all anti-Hazara elements together on one page and making the Hazaras feel, as how these elements are united to condemn any move, which carries Hazaragi title. Nobody has seen the movie yet but these guys seem to have been bombing the movie as if they would get Sawab, blessings on each negative comment or share. And trying their best to criticize the film on religious and cultural grounds.  But what kind of culture or religion they are talking about? Does their culture and religion allow them to abuse someone under fake religious Facebook names/IDs? I’m sure not, but who these guys are who don’t come up with their real photos and names. What make them scared of? What do they want Hazaras to be?

If we follow all the awful comments about the film, then we’ll easily come to know, who these people are.  If I’m not wrong these guys are the same people who tend to promote Iranian culture under the pretext of religion in our society. Unfortunately, these are the same people who invite proxy non-local mullahs in our vicinity to rant against other religions and create security problems for our community. These are the same people who are trying their best to turn the soft image of Hazaras to an Iranian proxy. These are the same people who want us to follow Iranian culture—walk, talk, dress, sit, stand, eat, drink and want us to hate all those Iran does.

If someone talks about Hazaragi language, these Facebook Jihadists pop up and say against our language. If someone says about Hazaragi music—damboora or poetry, they arise and outburst against them. If someone talks against Iran’s interest and politics in our society, they come up and link the interest and politics of Iran with religion. And issue Fitwa against them. If someone promotes Hagaragi art, they bomb them to the maximum level. If someone speaks about the history of Hazaras, they denounce and termed it Haram history. And get our youths acquainted with Arab history, which has never been ours. If someone talks about Hazaragi culture especially dress code, they get mad and declare the Iranian culture especially dress code pure Islamic. If someone writes about the plight of Hazaras in Pakistan, these people condemn with full throat and force “Hazara” to be named as Shia.

In short, these so-called religious people show concern on every Hazaragi move. They never want a Hazara to call himself/herself a Hazara but always want them to be a Shia, an Iranian proxy.

On the social media under fake IDs, these anti-Hazara elements seem to be very organized and united like a paid worker in promoting narrow religious extremism with a tinge of Iranian policies and abuse all those committed Hazaras who promote Hazaragi culture, language, history, art, music, poetry, politics and image all over the globe. While unfortunately Hazara intellectuals and organizations on other hand seem to be very scattered to defend themselves properly or to launch proper campaign against these proxies. They will have to join hands together as anti-Hazara elements are financially strong enough to confuse our community on false culture, language, history, art, music, poetry, politics and image.

2 thoughts on “A Systematic Bombing on Hazaragi Telefilm ” الفAlif”

  1. I personally support the movie the actress and actresses. I along with my friends fully condemned the attack by Shia minority Taliban. They are actually trying to impose the ideas of fourteen hundred year ago which is impossible. I along with my friends believe that Shia Taliban and Lasker E Jangvi are the same side of one coin therefore they have same objective . Keep doing the good job as you all know that dogs bark and the caravan goes on . Only to ignore them is good way to handle as they are dead and let the dead bury their dead.
    Nisar Ali
    • ” First they will ignore you,
      then they will laugh at you,
      then they will fight with you,
      then you will win”.
      Mahatma Gandhi

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