The Train Journey


The moment I got on the train, it left the platform. It was full with passengers. I looked here and there to find an empty seat but I couldn’t find any. While passing through the seats, I spotted an empty seat where a man sitting. I rushed to it. Squeezed in my legs and slowly lowered myself down onto the seat. A lady was sitting in front of me. I smiled at her and she smiled back.
After making myself comfortable on the seat, I took a book from my bag to read. While flipping through the page, my eyes caught a glimpse of the lady. She was looking gorgeous with shiny straight dark-brown hair dangling over her shoulder. She smiled at me, when she found me peeping at her while reading. I smiled back but pretended to look busy reading.  The man, sitting beside me was looking a gentleman. He was reading a newspaper and he was looking about my age.

“It’s a beautiful day,” the man said. I looked at him, thinking he was talking to me, but he was talking to the lady not me.

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Mullah / مُلا

mullahIn a Muslim society, the word Mullah or Molla is generally referred to a Muslim who is educated in Islamic theology. In Christian society, the name of Mullah turns into a priest. In Jewish society, it is called Rabbi. In Hindu society, it is called Swami and in Sikh society, it is called Guru. In Buddhist society, it is called Lama and so on. You name a society, a Mullah type character with a typical indigenous name will sprout up. Whatever, they may get called; theoretically, it is the same person with different names in different societies.

If you meet with any of the above characters you will find more or less the same message, the same rhetoric, the same mindset, the same tactic and the same sentence but in a different tone. They claim themselves to be the best human on the earth and feel proud to follow the best religion in the universe. Other religions are inferior to them except theirs. They claim to have the best answers. If you submit to them, you are an intelligent and a good person however, if you don’t, then you are the worst and an idiot person on the earth who deserves to be slammed.

I personally believe that a Mullah is a Mullah—either Shia or Sunni. They either live in the east or the west, south or north. Or belong to any other religion, they are all the same—photo copy of each other. Some of them are aggressive because the environment supports them while some are defensive because the environment doesn’t support them. The basic mindset and teachings are the same—to praise themselves and to oppose all those who are not like them, very narrow-minded and tunnel vision. Their supreme desire is to rule on the masses on the pretext of religion, nothing else.

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A Systematic Bombing on Hazaragi Telefilm ” الفAlif”

aliffA new Hazaragi telefilm “ الفAlif” produced by D-Film and Directed by Muhammad Mehdi Askari   will likely get released on Nauroz Day 21st of March 2014 in Pakistan, Australia, Europe and north America.

Hazaras residing all over the globe from Quetta City, Pakistan to Australia and from Europe to America are anxiously waiting to see the film. The film has not released yet and nearly ten days are left to get released but unfortunately the anti-Hazara elements seem to have rolled up their sleeves to lambast the Hazaragi film. A systematic campaign seems to have been launched on the social media especially Facebook against the film including actors and actresses.  And Hazaras are being pushed to boycott the film—yet to go on the screen.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been noticing that a proper system seems to have now been put in place on the social media to go against any Hazaragi moves, which is a matter of great concern. Some unknown guys sprout up on the surface of social media under fake names/IDs and start abusing all those devoted Hazara intellectuals/individuals who tend to promote Hazaragi culture, language, history, art, music, poetry, politics and image in the society.  

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Women to Respect Women to Inspire Change

women 1According to the World Bank, the population of the globe is nearly 7 billion and half of them are women. The population of Pakistan is reported to be nearly 180 million and half of them are women. The population of Hazaras are believed to be around half million in Quetta City, Pakistan and half of them are women.

It means that without women the population of the world would be around 3.50 billion, the population of Pakistan 90 million and the population of Hazaras would be roughly 0.25 million in Quetta, Pakistan. Of which 30% are till 18 years old, 60% are from 18-60 years while 10% are above 60 years.

In other words, 150,000 Hazara men are physically ready to actively play their part to build a society. Nearly 75,000 are young enough to play their role while 25,000 have already played their role. And almost the same figure is with the Hazara women in Quetta, Pakistan.

Now a question arises, how many of the 150,000 Hazara men aged 18-60 years are employed or jobless? Or playing their role for the betterment of the society? We don’t know the statistics. However, we can assume that joblessness is on the rise due to ongoing persecution, religious and racial hatred in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan especially Quetta City.  Continue reading