Why Hazaras are being killed in Pakistan?

Hazara sit-in protestOnce again Lashkar-e-Janghvi (LeJ) terrorists have managed to kill 28 Hazara pilgrims including women and children injuring over 35 people in Mastung district, some 50km Southwest of Quetta City, Pakistan and the provincial government once again has failed to protect the lives of its citizens.

With respect to Hazara killings, the terrorists always get right information to murder Hazaras en masse outside of their vicinity. If they can’t find Hazaras outside of their surrounding areas, they easily manage to penetrate into Hazara neighbourhood by crossing heavily guarded security check posts to target Hazaras.  

So far, over 100 Hazara Shias have brutally been murdered only in Mastung area but not a single terrorist involved in the killings of Hazaras has been convicted. Only this year 33 Hazaras have so far been killed but not a single person has been captured. Last year, 281 Hazaras were massacred but not a single person was brought to book. Till to date, 1300 plus Hazaras have so far been killed and more than 3500 injured since 1999 but not a single person has been brought to justice. Continue reading

ھزارہ گی حروف تہجی /Hazaragi Alphabets

دوستانِ عزیز 

ہزارہ گی حروفِ تہجی بہ مشاورتِ بسیار بلاًخر تکمیل شُد۔ زبانِ ہزارہ گی بیشتر از فارسی، ترکی، منگولی و کم و بیش از عربی، ہندی یا اُردو گرفتہ شودہ۔ فارسی 32 حروف تہجی دَ رہ۔ منگولی34 .عربی 28، اُردو 38 و زبانِ ہزارہ گی  36 حروف تہجی  دَ رہ   

hazaragi Continue reading

A visit to the Salvation Army

ChurchWhile handing me a letter, my wife says to me,

“Tomorrow, you have the ‘writing for fun’ training from 10am until 3pm”

I read the letter and then read it again. I thought the training venue was going to be the university but it was at The Salvation Army instead.

Initially, I didn’t like the idea. I searched for the postal code of the address on Google Maps to find out the whereabouts of the building. To my surprise, the venue was literally a 20 minutes’ walk from my house, which was closer than the university.

However, being the curious person that I am, I decided to call the university to ask why the venue had been changed. The lady on the other end of the line told me that the administration had picked this place because most of the participants lived nearby. Continue reading

Is Hazaragi a Dialect or a Language?

Hazaragi language

Much has been said on this issue and yet more coming. Some Hazaras accept Hazaragi being a language while some on other hand simply term it a dialect instead of a language. However, in the meantime, there is a huge silent majority, who seems to be undecided whether to accept Hazaragi as a language or a dialect.  

Those who oppose Hazaragi being a language unfortunately come up with the emotional comments rather than academic, practical or rational ones. While those who favour Hazaragi being a language adopt cautious approach by inviting the opponents to look into the academic and historical backgrounds of Hazara community instead of straight forward blatant comments.

Teaching English language for the last 12 years including six years in UK colleges has now pushed me into the matter to convey some serious messages than absurd notes.

Before commenting on Hazaragi language, let’s look into English language we speak today. Do we really know whether it existed 1000-year before as a formal language? It was around 15th century when some intellectuals including William Shakespeare started bringing English into a proper shape through his literary works. He is said to have individually injected 2000 new words into English language.  I’m sure you’ll agree with me that today’s English is very different from the English of 15th century.    Continue reading