New Year Wishes for 2014

My dear friends

New Year’s celebrations in London, United Kingdom

New Year’s celebrations in London, United Kingdom

I wish, whoever you see in the mirror may not scare you but delight you. May your hair, your teeth and your face-lift not fall next year and may your blood pressure, your cholesterol, your utility bills, your wrinkles and your house rent not rise. If you live in UK, may your job seeker allowance, your personal benefit, your child benefit and your bank balance increase. May your mortgage interest rate fall.  And may God help you produce more children. 

If you live in Pakistan, may you eat fresh vegetables, healthy medicines, nutritious fruit and Halal meat. And may you drink clean water, original soft drinks and natural juice. May you not live Haram life but Halal life.

May you believe the shopkeepers sell pure milk, unmixed tea, genuine spices, sterilized cooking oil, uncontaminated flour and nourishing butter. And may you eat genuine chicken instead of crow and original beef instead of camel meat in the restaurants. Continue reading

How does Hazara Community Observe Muharram in Pakistan?

Mathami DasthaThank God, day before yesterday, the Chehlum of Imam Hussain’s A.S Mathami, “mourners” processions passed through its traditional routes peacefully in Pakistan except Karachi City. Muharram is always observed each year in Pakistan by Shias with great religious fervour.  It starts from the 1st day of Islamic month of Muharram. Hazaras like other Shias of Pakistan also observe Muharram with great religious enthusiasm in Quetta City especially Meharabad and Hazara Town.

 Muharram holds a very significant religious position in Hazara society. Muharram means a lot to Hazaras. During Muharram if we see the passion of Hazaras it feels that the sole purpose of the life of Hazara seems to be only to observe Muharram. Like other religious events, Hazaras start thinking of Muharram months before by setting aside a chunk of their money to be spent on Nazro Niyyaz. Some Hazara boys prepare especial black or green colour dresses while Hazara girls spend loads of money on fancy embroidered black or green colour dresses with elegant scarves to show reverence to Imam Hussain A.S. However, Indian songs in the meantime get replaced with latest Nohas and Marsiyas at home. Continue reading

Christmas vs Eid

Christmas Shopping90% off just few days before the Christmas doesn’t seem to be a good idea for the business community, when here in UK everyone finds himself or herself being pushed into the shops due to the cultural pressure to buy Christmas gifts for the dear ones. But dear, it’s Christmas not Eid or Ramazan, you can expect any kinds of discounts in the West. It’s now up to you, either believe me or not but it’s true. I, myself never saw such a crazy discount before. It’s not completely free but paying just 10% of the actual price seems to be buying something free.

As you know Christmas is in the pipeline. The illuminated city centres throughout the UK with colourful lights and Christmas trees are worth seeing. The beautiful glistening Christmas lights and twinkling decorations seem to have successfully multiplied the pure pleasure and the sheer enjoyment of Christmas shopping in the markets and shops. The flashing reduced prices up to 70% off posters on nearly all shops has brightened the faces of the shoppers to enjoy the Christmas with full zeal and zest. Continue reading

An Open Letter: Political reconciliation but how?

Hazara UnityDear Hasan Reza 

Sorry for being little bit late. I read your letter. It was very interesting and you have certainly raised some interesting points to discuss. Like you, I also strongly support the political reconciliation in the community. Political harmony among all stake holders of the community on the national interest is the call of the day and needs to be materialized on the ground by all means.  

Social media especially Facebook seems bit busy promoting political harmony among the community members as a goodwill gesture but unfortunately nobody comes up with the deep analysis to make everybody understand as why the foundation of the political accord has not been laid yet? What kinds of issues are actually holding the community back to get politically united on at least few points? Or how this political harmony among the stake holders will come into being? These questions need to be addressed at length to comprehend the real causes of the political confusion.  Continue reading

Who will be Next Quetta City Mayor?

LG ElectionsLocal government election was held on 7th of December 2013 in Balochistan peacefully. All major political and religious parties took great interest in the election and Quetta, being a capital city of the province remained the centre of the political activities during the local government elections. Election commission of Pakistan has now formally announced the results of the 58 seats of the Metropolitan Cooperation, Quetta City.   Pashtoonkhwa MAP is reported to have won the majority seats, but needs support of other political parties and independent candidates to form a city government in the metropolis.

Meanwhile, other political parties and independent candidates under the leadership of PML (N) appear to be trying their best to form a city government in Quetta. Both parties seem to be in a tug of war to get the attention of the candidates for the position of city mayor. Different political tactics and gimmickry methods are reported to lure the candidates as the difference of the number game seems to have been reported very narrow. Continue reading