Balochistan bleeds: A Saturday that shook the province to the core

Sardar Bahadur Khan University QuettaSardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University is the only women’s university in Quetta. It was established in March, 2004 and approximately 3,000 female students are currently studying at this university. Last Saturday, something tragic happened that left these students scarred for life. Now, they worry if they will ever be able to pursue their dreams.
Like any other day, students attended their classes, packed their bags and switched on their cell phones to mark the end of their school day. They were chatting, laughing and bidding their friends farewell as they made their way towards the bus that would take them home. This was an everyday ritual at the university – nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. Continue reading

Quetta Bleeds

Sardar-Bahadur-Khan-Women-University-attackSardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University is the only women university in Quetta City which was established in March 2004.  Around 3000 female students are currently studying at the university. Like every other day, students after taking the last class put their pens, notebooks and books in their bags, put smile on their faces, turned their mobiles on to either receive calls or ring to their parents to let them know about their departure from the university, cheering, talking and waving hands to say the last bye of the day to each other and accelerated to the main gate to be the first to get on the bus to go home at earliest possible. Continue reading