“Controlled” Democracy is the Best Revenge

Pakistan ElectionFakharuddin G. Ebrahim, Pakistan’s Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan congratulated the nation for holding the most transparent‚ fair and free elections with a record 60% voters turnout in the elections held on 11th of May 2013. Since election, the print and electronic media run rigging stories from different parts of the Pakistan on daily basis. Some political parties have thoroughly refused to accept the results of the elections, while some candidates refuse the elections with credible evidence of video clips, photos and recorded messages.
Some complain about the alleged roles of the presiding officers to dillydally the voting process in the polling stations, some complain from the law enforcing agencies for their alleged involvement in filling ballot boxes, some complain of stealing ballot boxes, some found their votes on the litters, some complain about over 100% turnout, some from the fake ballot papers, some complain of the late result announcements and some complain from the absence of staff members in the polling stations in Balochistan. Continue reading