A Systematic Conspiracy against Hazaras in Pakistan

MWM leaders addressing a News ConferenceHazara Democratic Party (HDP) seems to have lost from PB2 Quetta-2 seat for Balochistan assembly while Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) seems to have unofficially won. Despite being victorious in bagging Hazara Shia popular vote, HDP has technically lost the PB2 Qta-2 seat in Quetta City, Pakistan. Now let’s analyze the post election scenario as what kind of socio-political scene may Hazara Shia likely face in near future in Pakistan?
Many believe that it is not only the HDP, which has allegedly lost the election from PB2 Quetta-2 but all those who believed in democracy, enlighten education, political integration, social harmony, religious tolerance, pluralism and above all the trust of state on Hazaras being a loyal citizens of Pakistan.   Continue reading