Imran Khan: A blue-eyed politician

emran khan blue eye

The mandate of the present elected governments will expire on March 18th and the general elections will likely be held around 6th of May 2013 in Pakistan, however the incumbent PPP led-government alleges of conspiracy being hatched to set up an unconstitutional caretaker government for the next two to three years.

Pakistan’s many conspiracy theorists allege that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan seems to be the only politician for whom the upcoming prime ministerial slot is getting prepared to get him rule over the country for the next at least five years.

The recent twin-blast in Quetta which claimed over 100 lives and long march of Tahirul Qadri in Islamabad are alleged to be the “two Continue reading

Hazara: A Peaceful Community


It was around 9pm in Pakistan, almost a freezing night on Thursday 10th of January 2013 and I was talking to my cousin on Skype. While talking, he told me that he heard of an explosion and asked to ring me back after a while. After nearly an hour, when he didn’t ring me back, I rang to my in-laws on Viber in Pakistan to get some information about the blast. On my enquiry, my sister-in-law told me that twin-blast took place on Alamdar Road, Quetta and loads of Hazaras are believed to have been killed. The shocking news took the grip of the ground under my feet and I felt a chilled shiver in my spine. Continue reading

Pakistan Election: A Big Question


As soon as elections 2013 are approaching, rumours about postponement of elections are getting louder all over media in Pakistan. Internal terror activities and socio-political mayhem themselves seem to be multiplying scepticisms among masses for holding of elections in Pakistan.

Alarming theories suggest that the present intense political turmoil, bullet riddled bodies, Hazara targeted killings and bomb blasts in Balochistan would be enough explanations to delay elections in Pakistan; however if the elections don’t get delayed on Balochistan issues the sectarian  violence along with political targeted killings in Sindh especially in Karachi City would add ample grounds to postpone the elections besides the safe heavens of terrorists with their terrorist activities plus suicide bombing in Khayber Pakhtoonkhwa and the presence of terrorist groups based in Punjab which operate all over Pakistan with full impunity. Continue reading

Elections 2013: A bomb about to explode, or be delayed?


Many theories are circulating all over the media suggesting that the present intense political turmoil, ethnic killings, bomb blasts in Balochistan, sectarian violence, target killings in Karachi and ongoing acts of terrorism will be enough cause for the powers-that-be to delay the elections.

Political disagreement among the regional and national political parties are expected to tot up additional justification to delay the elections for an indefinite period of time soon after the establishment of an interim government. Continue reading